We do work that matters for people who care.

This is the place where we’re supposed to tell you that we do web video and corporate video and aerial video and so on… But we’re not going to do that. Sure, we do that stuff, but so does everybody else. You don’t hire us just because you want to make a video. You hire us because you want a production partner that will work with you to achieve your goals.


We believe that video has the power to:

  • Generate new leads
  • Increase sales
  • Build trust
  • Elevate your brand


To achieve this…

We offer high-quality, well-produced video and a partnership that extends beyond a single project.


We can also assist with…

  • Concept development
  • Script production
  • Production planning
  • Set design consulting
  • On-camera coaching
  • On-camera talent
These are just a few of the video products we offer...

Video Campaigns

A video campaign can be comprised of many of our video products, but the goal is to impart a cohesive message with an intentional look and feel that is consistent with your brand. The entire campaign could take the form of a narrative, a documentary or news-style segments.

Businesses and non-profits may choose to use this style to demonstrate the impact their organization, product or service has on the community it serves.


In this series, Red Mountain Films Producer James McConatha interviewed and filmed church members who told stories about the impact their church has had on their lives as members. Those stories were organized into cohesive narratives, illustrated in part by actors to bring those stories to life. The video series was part of a stewardship campaign that received tremendously positive response. In all, 12 videos were produced and released over a four-week period for the campaign.

Testimonial Highlights

A testimonial highlight video is a great way to feature the experience your clients or customers have had with your products and services.


In this series of testimonial highlights, a personal trainer’s clients talk about the benefits they’ve received as a result of working with the business owner. The interviews are cut together with video of the clients working out at the gym.

Product Videos

When a product is accompanied by a video, potential customers are more likely to make the purchase. Video builds trust. Video boosts sales.

If you want to be on camera, we offer assistance with script development, presentation and coaching to make sure you look your best. If you would rather have someone more experienced make the presentation, we can provide on-camera talent that will make your business stand out.



This video was presented to investors with a brand new product on the market.

Video Products

Certain businesses may find benefit in providing their existing customers with a video as a product of their business. For example, a gym or trainer might sell or give away a follow-along workout video. A physical therapist might want to create a video that shows patients how to re-wrap an injury with sports tape.



In this video, a farrier demonstrates how a horse owner should care for a horse’s foot in the event of a loose horseshoe. It allows the farrier to help his customer care for the horse while he isn’t there. This is one of two videos we created to help his customers deal with common problems.

Mini Series

A mini series can come in many different forms. At Red Mountain Films we create video series to feature the work of companies and non-profits. We also create original entertainment series for companies to sponsor.


This quirky news segment-style series features an attorney who gives us insight into some of Alabama’s strangest laws.